June 20, 2021


Halo 2 - Pretty Hate Machine

Halo 2 - Pretty Hate Machine
Halo 2 - Pretty Hate Machine

Jun 20 2021 | 01:36:18


Show Notes

In this episode we go deep into Nine Inch Nails' second halo (and first LP), 1989's Pretty Hate Machine! We're proud to present our first "full-lengther," and we hope you all enjoy taking the ride with us. We really loved listening to and talking about this album (as we've been doing since our tender, sensitive teen years).

We also break down the samples, talk about differences in the 2010 remaster, and put it all in the broader context of the grunge/industrial landscape of the late 80s and early 90s.

And we, of course, make plenty of our goofy brand of jokes.


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